The Spring Session taught by Dr. Tony Crisp begins Monday, January 16th and ends April 17th. Class meets weekly from 8:00 – 9:00 p.m. following the e4-12 Class, ORIGINS taught by Dr. Ken Ham. Class will be held at the new True Life Building located at 101 S. White Ave., Athens, TN. The cost for the TLI Class is $75 and includes the workbook (a pdf download). Registration is open through Friday, January 13th.

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Class Downloads

Students can download the pdf workbook here for the Spring Semester.

BIBL 104 workbook


The Tennessee Leadership Institute is proud to announce a partnership with Piedmont International University through their innovative e4-12 program. This exciting program was created to offer students who desire an accredited master’s level degree for an extremely low cost. It is also available to anyone desiring to take the course for enrichment for only $39 per course. All details and registration options can be seen here.

What Clients Say

  • Dr. Crisp and his staff have done an excellent job in putting together a curriculum that is being taught through TLI that is applicable to the most learned theologian and to the newly saved convert. The lessons are timely to this generation of believers in a way that brings us back to the basic doctrines of Judaism and Christianity.Nick Webb
  • Words cannot express how grateful I am for what I have and continue to learn in the TLI courses. Not only for my work as a lay Bible teacher, but also for my personal walk with God. From the knowledge and understanding I have obtained understanding I am now able to share the story of the Old Testament and god’s faithfulness to His covenants and a people He chose for His own. The Bible has truly come alive in a deeper way to me. With easy-to-follow materials and easy access to research materials, TLI is a true answer to prayer for me.Lori Shambling, Etowah, TN
  • My experience in the Tennessee Biblical Leadership Institute has truly been a remarkable one. During the past six months of being enrolled in these courses I have learned more about the Bible and Biblical Leadership than I have in my entire lifetime. Though these courses are challenging, they are presented with clarity, “plain sense”, and proper context, which makes them easier to learn, retain, and practice. TLI has made a positive difference in my life as a father, husband, Sunday school teacher, church leader, and Elementary School Principal. After all of the years I’ve spent in education I have never been this excited to go to the next class to learn more about God’s story and God’s way. I would highly recommend TLI to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge and understanding of the Bible and church leadership.Lee Parkinson, Principal, E K Baker School

“Training the Head, Heart and Hands for Kingdom Work”

What is TLI?

  • A learning lab for “relational discipleship”
  • A solution to the need to wed together classroom learning and on job training for those in ministry
  • A tool to train and mentor spiritual leadership
  • An intensive structured learning environment
  • An opportunity to experience Logos Bible Software in study
  • Christian education that is intense and intentional discipleship
  • A tool to train pastors and lay leaders who are “in the saddle”
  • A joint endeavor between students, partners, and churches to offer excellent educational opportunities to those already working in ministry to grow in their experience and knowledge, without their having to move to attend seminary
  • At its core, TLI is intentional, intensive, structured discipleship!